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Consumers have the power


Several letters that recently appeared in The Star regarding shopping carts left in parking lots and cleaning up after ourselves at fast food outlets. It is a very good and healthy debate.

The self-service industry began with self-service gas stations and has now escalated to the point where we are checking ourselves out at big box and grocery stores, bagging our own products, and we even bring our own bags or we are charged.

I have yet to see my grocery expenses reduced due to the fact that we are performing the duties that were once commonplac­e and generally performed by our teenagers. By doing so, we are essentiall­y creating unemployme­nt for our high school teenagers and the youth of our communitie­s.

I am not referring to the mom and pop stores. They themselves have become victims of big box stores, drasticall­y reducing their numbers and forcing many into closure.

I, for one, do not give into the self-service industry whenever possible. I will never use self checkouts even if it means waiting longer in lines.

With all this being said, I hope that the public opens their eyes to what is truly taking place in our society and is taking its toll on families. We as consumers have the power to make changes.

LINO V. Lo MEDICO, Windsor

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