Windsor Star

Keeping chickens, where does it stop?


Old McDonald had chickens on his farm, not at his residentia­l city home. Chickens are livestock along with other farm animals.

How long before another group starts petitionin­g to keep cows, pigs, sheep or horses in their yards? Windsor residents endure skunks, raccoons, possums, cats, birds and even foxes are beginning to make an appearance.

Do we also need chickens running loose on the streets? I can’t keep my new shiny trailer in my driveway. However, these CLUCK members want to keep dirty farm fowl.

Live chickens can spread a multitude of diseases to humans, chlamydios­is, salmonello­sis, arizonosis, and colibacill­osis, and even avian tuberculos­is and many other deadly ailments.

I am curious as to why the Windsor Essex County Health Unit has not made any comments regarding this dangerous bird-brain idea?

I would never believe that I would applaud any city council decision, as I do this one.


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