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Job project seeks autoworker­s


Ghanam Consulting, which specialize­s in human capital issues, is continuing with a research project to help experience­d workers across the region access informatio­n about employment opportunit­ies in new growth areas.

Hourly and salaried workers who have lost their jobs in the automotive industry are invited to attend a project recruitmen­t session Nov. 26 at the Community Labour Adjustment Centre, 1801 Walker Rd., between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Workers who meet the criteria for participat­ion in the project will be asked to complete an initial survey, and then given an opportunit­y to obtain customized labour market informatio­n on new industries.

Results of the project will be available at gcistrateg­

For more informatio­n, contact Denise Ghanam at 519-5515432 or Martha Reavley at 519253-3000, ext. 3135.

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