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Palin provokes shotgun critic


Cops in the town of Vermont, Wis., arrested resident Steve Richmond, 67, after he blew out his TV with a shotgun the other night. It turns out Steve was upset with the dance routine of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The local cops say Richmond thought Bristol was a notso-hot dancer who was on the show only because her mom’s famous. Man, if everybody who thought that shot out a TV, the wave of replacemen­t purchasing alone would be enough to jump-start the whole U.S. economy. (I wonder if there’s a town called Wisconsin in Vermont. But I digress.)

Quote of the day: Gwyneth Paltrow tells Entertainm­ent Weekly why she’s rarely seen with hubby Chris Martin, of the band Coldplay: “When I see high-profile relationsh­ips now, I think, ‘Oh my God,’ even though I’m technicall­y in one. We sort of don’t do anything public. It’s just unnecessar­y to be a public couple, and to have your couple-dom be its own entity. It doesn’t make sense to have that in the public world.”

Spotlight couple: Singer James Blunt’s latest is Jessica Sutta, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls. They were an item five years ago, and now they’re seeing each other again, says The Sun, in England.

Naturally: What could be more natural than Mike Tyson opening a kosher restaurant? He has been talking, says the N.Y. Post, with a rich guy named Moshe Malamud, to make this happen. Talks continue, but nothing is settled yet. Tyson is a vegan these days.

Forgotten, but not gone: Jennifer Lopez has a deal with Kohl’s, a U.S. retailer. She and hubby Marc Anthony are about to announce a new “lifestyle fashion” line, WWD reports.

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