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Third alleged cancer faker faces charges


OTTAWA Three Ontarians in a single month have faced charges related to faking cancer to raise money.

Reactions online have been resounding and the consensus is that it is despicable that anybody would feign having a disease in order to make money.

But beneath the monetary motivation, there are personalit­y traits that allow certain people to achieve enjoy- ment when they cheat and lie, said Dr. Kibeom Lee, professor of psychology at the University of Calgary.

On Thursday, a Toronto man was charged with fraud after telling friends and family he had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Christophe­r Gordon, 39, became the third recent case to emerge in Ontario of a person allegedly using false cancer claims to raise money.

His case followed that of Jessica Ann Leeder, 21, who pretended to have lung and stomach cancer and shaved her head to solicit money from residents and businesses in the Timmins area.

Leeder’s case came after the highly publicized charges against Ashley Anne Kirilow of Burlington, 23, who shaved her head, plucked her eyebrows and starved herself to lose weight in an attempt to mimic the symptoms of chemothera­py treatment.

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