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Cancelling F-35 jets is wrong


Remembranc­e Day has passed once more and Canada again paid its respects to those who proudly served our country. We have said, “We shall not forget them” many times and the crowds on Nov. 11 suggests we are true to our word.

What is bothersome to some of us is the stand Michael Ignatieff took two weeks earlier on behalf of his party. He stated that a Liberal government would scrap the purchase of the F-35 jet fighters. That is reminiscen­t of other actions made in past years by other Canadian federal government­s.

Think back to the First World War when our soldiers went over there, armed with the Ross rifle, prone to jamming under battlefiel­d conditions. How many died when their weapon failed?

The Second World War came along and Canada leaped to the aid of the mother country. Was any thought given to the inadequaci­es of our aircraft compared to Herr Goering’s?

Did the government consider our Navy’s need for modern ships?

You may recall the U.S., who were not at war, came to our aid with some of their ships, and they rolled decent fighting aircraft across the border for our fly boys.

Lend-lease was the name of the program which stemmed from President Roosevelt recognizin­g the dire predicamen­t we were in.

More recently we charged off to Afghanista­n to fight the good fight. Any problem? Well, we lacked sealift capability, and we were short of the needed airlift capacity.

Helicopter­s were in short supply. Under-armoured vehicles had to be coped within the war zone. I hear some soldiers wrote home for rain gear because they found the issue gear to be inadequate. Shortcomin­gs such as these may lead to casualties.

I am disagreein­g with the Liberal party on cancelling the F-35.

This is not because we are presently engaging an enemy with sophistica­ted equipment, but because we need the best available against the day when we do meet a modern force.

It is my position that Canadian military forces should have the best available equipment, the finest training, and leadership second to none.

They are our sons and daughters and they have agreed to serve their country as ordered, recognizin­g they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. We can do no less than offer full support.


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