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Pot program doesn’t work


I would like to voice my anger at Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Access Program. I have been prescribed medical marijuana now for over five years with a sixth renewal pending.

I followed their instructio­ns about sending in six to eight weeks prior to the expiry date. It is now more than three weeks late.

Essentiall­y, this makes me illegal. However, since I have copies of the applicatio­n, signed by my AIDS doctor, and proof they received it by signature in August, I am refusing to comply with their ridiculous suggestion to destroy my plants.

I have worked two years to find a strain that works properly for my appetite, and I will be damned if it will be destroyed by me. I have been threatened by my house insurer, since it is now illegal.

They could cancel my insurance, thereby voiding my mortgage. Am I supposed to go live in public housing after this happens?

I am also leery of being arrested since I have not had any altercatio­ns with the law since I was in my mid-’20s.

I do not drink alcohol, which caused most of my stupidity then. I would like to point out that my condition is not curable and permanent. I cannot see why our cards shouldn’t be also.

Every year, people in my position need to harass their doctor to sign, spend $20 to send it in with a signature required and wait until the last day if not usually a few days late.

This year, however, they claim to have an overflow of applicatio­ns, and are backlogged. What I suggest about permanent licences for people with permanent, deadly health conditions would save them a ton of redundant paperwork.


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