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Jury made right decision


Re: Justice system doesn’t protect us, by Kelly Connoy, Nov. 16.

Kelly Connoy and others feel the jury made the wrong decision in regards to the case of Derek Osborne’s death. I, however, feel that the jury made the right decision and should be commended on the difficult task that was before them.

As Canadians, we have the right to defend ourselves when being attacked. I personally have never been attacked but I am glad that I have the right and I would like to keep it.

Kelly and others wanted the jury to look at the accused’s past but that is not their job. Their job is to look at the facts of the case before them and they did that.

It is their job to interpret the law and how it relates to the case in front of them and, once again, they did that. The accused was walking away from the bar on a crutch when he was confronted by a bigger man that was very angry and chased him down on the street.

When humans are attacked, they choose fight or flight and as his lawyer pointed out, flight for the accused on a crutch was not an option. So he chose his Canadian right to defend himself which meant a tragic ending for Derek Osborne.

It was tragic that Derek chose to put himself in that situation and I feel bad for Derek’s family and friends. Like it or not, the accused has a Canadian-given right to defend himself with whatever means possible and he did, and so should we all.


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