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Feds ones with HST authority


Re: Utility bill HST exemption urged, Nov. 16.

So, the city council of Windsor is going to ask the provincial and federal government for an HST exemption on utility bills. Just another in the ever-growing list of people who do not have a clue how our tax laws work.

Too bad you didn’t have a discussion or you might know who to ask. Stephen Harper asked the provincial government­s to pass the HST in their legislatur­es, which they did, both here and in British Columbia.

It did not become a law until it was passed in federal Parliament. That was December 2009.

Why do you think the government took the HST off for poppies? Andrea Horwath and Tim Hudak are just taking advantage of your lack of knowledge for their own political gain.

Maybe that is why Windsor council is so confused. Contact Stephen Harper because this was his idea and it is now his responsibi­lity. I think the federal Conservati­ves might have conned Dalton McGuinty, telling him this was a fast way out of the recession.

If you want the HST taken off of your utility bills, contact the federal government because they are the only ones with the authority to do it.

PAUL PRETTY, Leamington

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