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Assisting homeless veterans


Defence Minister Peter MacKay should really think about this. He has decided to keep our troops, less than 1,000 of them, in Afghanista­n for another three years at a cost of $500 million a year.

Dalton McGuinty has decided to return 10 per cent of our hydro costs at a cost of about $1 billion. I am a veteran and a member of the Royal Canadian Legion and we have started a campaign to assist veterans who are homeless.

We were asked if we could provide approximat­ely 100 toques and/or scarves for the homeless veterans in Toronto. I asked one of our ladies in our branch if she could do this and without hesitation she and her daughter did so.

It would appear that the government, at any level, has no appreciati­on of what our veterans have done for us or what they are doing now. If it were so, then we would not have veterans on the street destitute with no appreciati­on from those who they gave so much for.

By the way, there are more than 100 homeless veterans in Toronto, we just started the campaign there. Hopefully, all the other branches in the country will help assist or place these veterans.


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