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Quebec beats Ontario, Alberta in productivi­ty


Quebec led Canada in productivi­ty gains in 2009, according to a Statistics Canada report released Friday.

Productivi­ty gained two per cent in the province, while the national rate stayed flat.

That’s actually an improvemen­t over 2008 when overall productivi­ty fell 0.8 per cent, and Quebec’s productivi­ty fell 0.2 per cent.

The report said manufactur­ing productivi­ty in Quebec was up 0.9 per cent — a seventh consecutiv­e increase.

There were also advances in retail trade, transporta­tion and warehousin­g and the informatio­n and cultural industries. Overall, however, GDP for the province declined 1.8 per cent, as a result of declines in the forestry and manufactur­ing sectors.

Productivi­ty gains in Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia and Yukon were offset by losses in Nunavut, Northwest Territorie­s, Alberta, Saskatchew­an, Ontario and Newfoundla­nd.

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