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Splitting hairs over Kate’s ’ do


“ Big luscious bouncy curls suspended at the back of her head.” That’s the wedding-day hair advice Kate Middleton got, without having asked, from a London hairstylis­t to the elite. Get used to it. This kind of stuff is going to be all over the place for months. This particular suggestion was harvested, by Bang Showbiz, from Karine Jackson, who has a salon in London’s West End, where such places charge more than mere mortals can imagine spending. Kate’s hair, Karine says, “is very long and you could lose her face, plus wearing it down will take away from the dress, so I would go for sweeping softly back with big luscious,” etc. Another West End coiffeur, Errol Douglas, proposes a “double chignon.” I’ll have to ask one of my lady friends what that is.

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