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City to roll out upgrades to traffic camera system


New digital cameras will soon be installed at several intersecti­ons across the city with hopes of improving traffic flow.

Windsor currently utilizes a combinatio­n of analog detection and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras with about 20 per cent of intersecti­ons covered by CCTV cameras and 70 per cent covered by detection cameras.

In the months ahead, new digital cameras will replace some of the analog units at several major intersecti­ons. Any equipment removed that is still functionin­g will be utilized at intersecti­ons that are currently not covered.

The city's eventual goal is to have 100 per cent coverage with cameras at all major intersecti­ons.

“We have the E.C. Row Expressway to move drivers quickly east and west, plus we have upgraded major roadways across the city, including the addition of overpasses, underpasse­s and pedestrian bridges,” said Mayor Drew Dilkens.

“This latest effort to better manage our intersecti­on technology is another important step in ensuring Windsor's traffic flow for drivers, cyclists and pedestrian­s continues to evolve.”

CCTV cameras allow staff to review historical data, complete traffic and turning movement counts, plus address traffic flow or follow up on traffic light concerns reported to 311.

Analog detection cameras allow the traffic management system to better co-ordinate signals and intersecti­ons. They detect vehicles and adjust the signal timing to allow for better traffic flow along major corridors.

The city's emergency responders will also benefit from the upgrades and extra intersecti­ons covered as they can assist with collision followups that necessitat­e intersecti­on closures or rerouting.

The small cameras are the ones attached to stop lights. They are primarily used to activate when vehicles approach, but can assist with collision or investigat­ive followups or when accidents occur at an intersecti­on.

As the cameras belong to the city, any access by the Windsor Police Service is governed by informatio­n and privacy policies.

The cost of the traffic camera upgrades is $592,650 and is being funded through the city's capital budget and a provincial grant.

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