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- Melissa Hank

Just in time for Earth Day on Thursday,

Netflix is debuting a three-part docuseries featuring naturalist David Attenborou­gh.

Life in Color with David Attenborou­gh follows the 94-year-old to places like the Costa Rican rainforest­s and the Scottish Highlands to explore how animals use colour to their advantage. For example, how do butterflie­s send ultraviole­t signals with their wings? Why do Bengal tigers have stripes? And why do some fish change colour during attacks?

“For Life in Color, we developed new technology to provide a window into these invisible worlds,” Attenborou­gh told People. “It has allowed us to unlock some of the mysteries of nature and to share these with our audience for the first time.”

Life in Color with David Attenborou­gh is now streaming.

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