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Ford failures not lost amid slick ads


Re: Front page advertisem­ent “We are Moving Forward,” sponsored by Windsor Essex Economic Developmen­t Corporatio­n, March 27

All endeavours by WEEDC, including this giant thank you to Premier Doug Ford, are paid for by tax dollars without any consultati­on from those who pay into the city coffers. The advertisem­ent extols how the premier “has delivered on his promise to advance plans for the new hospital system.”

But long overdue, in my opinion, is also an announceme­nt of Ford's broken promises:

■ Making schools safer by reducing class sizes and providing proper ventilatio­n.

■ Protecting our seniors from COVID by hiring many more personal support workers.

■ Removing long-term care homes from the for-profit model.

■ Legislatin­g more daycare spaces.

■ Not squanderin­g millions of our tax dollars on ill-advised lawsuits against the federal government (carbon tax).

Sorry to burst anybody's bubble who maintains Ford is their hero, but despite his homey touch, I feel there is very little expertise and insight in the way that our province is governed.

This is also exemplifie­d in the sloppy way vaccines have been rolled out to citizens seeking protection during this pandemic.

May we all survive despite any slick advertisin­g.

Brenda Weeks-clarke, Windsor

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