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The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear the Crown's appeal of the acquittal of a Quebec author who had been charged with producing child pornograph­y because of fictional scenes in a horror novel. The Quebec Superior Court ruled last September that certain articles of Canada's child pornograph­y laws cast too wide a net, targeting works of literature that don't endorse or promote pedophilia. The court said that under the law, libraries and book stores could potentiall­y find themselves facing charges of possession or distributi­on of child pornograph­y. It ruled that two of the articles in the Criminal Code violate sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteei­ng the right to freedom of expression and to life, liberty and security of the person. Yvan Godbout had been charged with producing child pornograph­y over passages found in his horror novel, Hansel et Gretel, which include scenes of sexual abuse of a minor-aged brother and sister. In refusing to hear the case, the Supreme Court indicated it did not have jurisdicti­on to consider the matter.

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