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QUES­TION: How can I pre­vent rust from form­ing around the lid and the rim of a la­tex paint can af­ter I have used it? I tried putting plas­tic wrap on the top but it still rusts and when I open it, the rust falls into the paint. Bob, Win­nipeg

AN­SWER: Rust has a way of form­ing on both the top and bot­tom of paint cans. To pre- vent rust from at­tack­ing the bot­tom of the can, paint the bot­tom rim with clear nail pol­ish. Keep al­ready rusted cans from dam­ag­ing sur­faces by po­si­tion­ing an ice cream bucket lid or a bot­tom dish for a flower pot un­der­neath the can.

To pre­vent rust from form­ing inside or on top of the lid; al­ways pour paint from the can into a clean con­tainer while you work with it. This way the paint can re­mains very clean and is less likely to rust. Seal the can tightly when­ever not in use. A great way to store leftover paint is in a can­ning jar with a rub­ber seal. The paint lasts for a long time and there is no guess­work needed as to what colour is inside.

QUES­TION: I bought mem­ory foam for my bed. Af­ter a few days I con­sis­tently have to take the bed­ding apart and ad­just it be­cause it moves four to five inches off the edge of the bed. I bought some of that rub­ber net­ting to keep car­pets in place but it didn’t work. Any sug­ges­tions? Betty, Win­nipeg

AN­SWER: This is a frus­trat­ing chal­lenge to be faced with when you are try­ing to get a good night’s sleep. Hope­fully you have re­moved all of the fab­ric cov­ers sur­round­ing the mat­tress mak­ing the cover less slip­pery. Rug grips and other mesh ma­te­ri­als do not have a good track record of hold­ing the pad in place. You can sew wide elas­tics from one side to the other side of the mat­tress so that the pad does not move. Bungee cords are an­other op­tion; but while they hold the mat­tress in place, they look strange and bulky. Vel­cro strips are an al­ter­na­tive op­tion. Lastly you may want to place a reg­u­lar bub­ble type of thin foam mat­tress un­der­neath the mem­ory foam pad to hold it in place.

QUES­TION: I would like to make hol­i­day cook­ies for my daugh­ter’s class­mates. My plan is to sprin­kle the su­gar cook­ies with coloured su­gar; how­ever I don’t want to buy the su­gar be­cause I find it ex­pen­sive. Is there a way to make my own coloured su­gar? Angie, St. Leon

AN­SWER: Into a seal­able bag or jar, pour one cup white su­gar and add two drops food colour­ing. Shake or blend with a fork un­til su­gar colours evenly, add ad­di­tional food colour­ing to darken hue. Ex­tra Tip: The coarser the su­gar, the bet­ter it looks on cook­ies, cup­cakes and cakes. I en­joy your ques­tions and tips, keep them com­ing! Missed a col­umn? Can’t re­mem­ber a so­lu­tion? Need a speaker for an up­com­ing event? Check out my brand

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