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QUES­TION: I am new to the art of bak­ing bread. Can you please tell me how a per­son can tell when bread is fully baked? Elaine, Pel­i­can Lake

AN­SWER: The first test is colour. Baked bread should be a nice golden brown colour, es­pe­cially if you brush it with egg white be­fore bak­ing. The bread should feel firm but not hard, the eas­i­est way to de­ter­mine this is to re­move it from the pan. Turn the loaf over and tap the bot­tom. If the loaf is prop­erly baked, it should sound hol­low.

QUES­TION: Love your col­umns. I was gifted a lovely Har­rods tote bag. Un­for­tu­nately it has some writ­ing on it in felt marker, I have tried sev­eral ideas but noth­ing is budg­ing. Can you help? I LOVE this bag! Phyl­lis, Win­nipeg

AN­SWER: The risk in try­ing a va­ri­ety of prod­ucts is that cer­tain prod­ucts set stains, how­ever if the bag is un­us­able as is you have noth­ing to lose. Spray the area with bug re­pel­lent and blot with water un­til marker is gone. A nurse re­cently told me that she uses wa­ter­less hand cleaner to get per­ma­nent marker out of fab­ric. Other pos­si­ble so­lu­tions: Mr. Clean orig­i­nal cleaner, hair­spray, rub­bing al­co­hol, WD-40, Sun­light laun­dry bar soap or soak the stain overnight in paint thin­ner and wash. Re­peat as nec­es­sary. Test all prod­ucts on an in­con­spic­u­ous area first and rinse well be­tween clean­ing at­tempts.

QUES­TION: I have been try­ing to buy wash­ing soda to clean my cut­lery ac­cord­ing to your ar­ti­cle. So far I have had no luck. Can you please tell me who car­ries the prod­uct? Thank you. Bar­bara, Win­nipeg

AN­SWER: Wash­ing soda is or at least used to be car­ried by; Su­per­store, Sobeys or Safe­way. Wash­ing soda sits in the laun­dry aisle and if you can’t find Arm & Ham­mer So Clean Wash­ing Soda; salt, bak­ing soda or bo­rax are the next best thing.

QUES­TION: What is the best way to clean a large ta­pes­try wall hang­ing? I have had it in my home for 10 years and never cleaned it. Karen, Winkler

AN­SWER: Change the at­tach­ment on your vac­uum from floor to brush. Run the vac­uum along ev­ery area of the ta­pes­try in­clud­ing the very top. Do not soak ta­pes­try with water; how­ever, spot clean ar­eas with water on a cloth and a small amount of dish soap. For thor­ough clean­ing, con­tact lo­cal dry clean­ers. Be pre­pared to give di­men­sions when you call.

Tips for clean­ing back­yard play struc­tures:

While many play struc­tures are low­main­te­nance in­vest­ments and re­quire very lit­tle care, here are a few hints for main­tain­ing a safe, long-last­ing struc­ture.

To­wards the end of play struc­ture sea­son, hose the equip­ment with a pres­sure hose. Do­ing this re­moves old spi­der webs and stuck-on par­ti­cles that the rain was un­able to hit.

Check the en­tire struc­ture for loose bolts. Tighten all bolts and spray metal with WD-40 to re­duce the risk of rusty bolts on the frame.

Sand all ar­eas of the play struc­ture that feel rough, this will guard against painful splin­ters to users.

Con­sider pur­chas­ing sealants made for ex­te­rior play struc­tures and ap­ply ac­cord­ing to in­struc­tions.

If nec­es­sary re­place ground cush­ion i.e. pad, sand etc. for un­der­neath the play struc­ture. I en­joy your ques­tions and tips, keep them coming. Missed a col­umn? Can’t re­mem­ber a so­lu­tion? Need a speaker for an up­com­ing event? Check out my brand

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