The very pic­ture of kind­ness

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I had pur­chased a paint­ing from a store on Re­gent Av­enue, but it was too large to fit into my car.

The sales clerk sug­gested I fas­ten it to the roof of my ve­hi­cle (at my own risk). We tied the paint­ing through the win­dows, over and over. It felt very sta­ble and se­cure.

I drove off quite slowly and was about a kilo­me­tre away from the store when I heard a snap and saw the bind­ings flap­ping in the breeze. I pulled onto a side street hop­ing that some­how the paint­ing was still hang­ing on, but it was gone. I went back down the street ex­pect­ing to see it in the mid­dle of the busy road to­tally de­mol­ished.

There it was on the grass boule­vard, per­fectly in­tact, the pa­per wrapping not even torn. But now, how do I get it home? As I strug­gled to try to fit it into my car ev­ery which way (as if a mir­a­cle would hap­pen and my car would some­how ex­pand,) along came a young cou­ple in a van and with­out even ask­ing where I lived said they would take it home for me.

They were at a res­tau­rant across the street and had been watch­ing. Even when I told them I lived at the other end of the city, they just said they would fol­low me. I couldn’t be­lieve my good luck that these two won­der­fully kind strangers of­fered to help me out of this predica­ment so un­selfishly.

So, thank you again, Christina and Del­mar. You are an­gels.

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