Try cit­ric acid to re­move cloudy film from glass­ware

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QI moved into a suite that has a dish­washer and af­ter run­ning a load, my glass­ware has a cloudy film on it. I al­ways rinse my dishes be­fore I load them, but some of them come out with a film. I ran the dish­washer and put vine­gar in it but still have cloudy glass­ware. I have just steeped the glasses in a sink with vine­gar, but this hasn’t helped. Any sug­ges­tions would be much ap­pre­ci­ated. Thanks, Marie, Niverville An­swer: Typ­i­cally, etch­ing or fog­gi­ness oc­curs due to one of the fol­low­ing rea­sons: too much de­ter­gent; lack of rinse aid; an over­loaded dish­washer; overly hot wa­ter tem­per­a­ture; lack of wa­ter soft­ener on hard-wa­ter sys­tems; or the de­ter­gent is not com­pat­i­ble with the ma­chine. To re­move mild etch­ing, head to the near­est phar­macy and ask for cit­ric acid. Put cups into the dish­washer and add cit­ric acid to the soap dis­penser. Run the cy­cle as usual and if the etch­ing stays, it is likely per­ma­nent. You can also soak cups in vine­gar and rub them with fine steel wool. Don’t get too ex­cited if at first the glasses look brand new, be­cause the etch­ing may re­turn when the glasses dry. I have heard pos­i­tive re­sults re­gard­ing phos­phate-free Pal­mo­live Gel Dish­washer De­ter­gent (Lemon Splash Scent). How­ever, you may need to ex­per­i­ment with a few dif­fer­ent brands. Ques­tion: I have a pair of black boots that are turn­ing my socks or stock­ings black. Is there any­thing I can treat my boots with on the in­side so my clothes no longer turn black? Bertha, Win­nipeg An­swer: As­sum­ing your boots are leather, your best bet is to pur­chase a wa­ter­proof com­pound for­mu­lated specif­i­cally for leather, avail­able as a spray or wax pol­ish. Test on an in­con­spic­u­ous area to en­sure that the dye stays put. Ap­ply the prod­uct to the in­side and out­side of the boots; leave for a few hours. Buff with a rag and wear. but I have al­ways had it on hand for get­ting stains out — blood, grass stains, etc. Our son is 38 years old, so that tells you how long I have used this prod­uct. He used to get grass stains on his blue jeans, but the stains came out with ERA. Just thought I would give your read­ers other op­tions. Cheers, Betty

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