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DEAR MISS LONELYHEARTS: This might help the lady with the fe­male ghost in her new res­i­dence. Even peo­ple who “didn’t be­lieve” in ghosts knew we had a “guest” in our home in St. James. The pre­vi­ous own­ers told us of “stuff” that hap­pened there as well. I was told to do th­ese sim­ple things: Light a can­dle and tell him/ her to not be afraid and go to the light, tie white or yel­low rib­bons on the door knobs, and to talk to the pres­ence. I told “it” if it wanted to stay, he/ she had to watch over and pro­tect my kids and not scare them. At first it felt weird to talk to “no­body,” so I did it when I was alone, and af­ter a while the house seemed to qui­eten down. — Ex­pe­ri­enced, Win­nipeg

Dear Ex­pe­ri­enced: Thanks for try­ing to help the distressed lady with the ten­ant who pre- dated her. It was clearly a shock to dis­cover the pres­ence. ( Cer­tainly th­ese things are not men­tioned in the home- buy­ing con­tract.) While I have not had any such ex­pe­ri­ences my­self, about a half dozen lev­el­headed peo­ple and many writ­ers to the col­umn over the years, have had to con­tend with strange other- worldly pres­ences in a home or work­place. Any­one who has had a suc­cess­ful ex­pe­ri­ence in peace­ably solv­ing this kind of prob­lem is in­vited to write in at the ad­dress be­low and I’ll pass the in­for­ma­tion along.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: This is in re­sponse to Lonely, who badly needs new friends. Oprah once said the nicest peo­ple were run­ners and I have also found that to be true. If she wants to get out, meet some nice peo­ple and get some ex­er­cise ( which would also help make her feel good) the Run­ning Room of­fers a free walk/ run club on Wed­nes­day’s at 6 p. m. and Sun­days at 8: 30 am. Par­tic­i­pants go out for a run/ walk and then of­ten go for cof­fee af­ter. I have seen some great friend­ships formed there. The peo­ple at the Re­gent lo­ca­tion are par­tic­u­larly wel­com­ing to new­bies, and it’s free. Also tell her not to give up hope. Forty is the new 30 and she can to­tally meet some­one for ro­mance at her age. — Help­ful Run­ner, Win­nipeg

Dear Help­ful Run­ner: Thanks for the let­ter of warmth and en­cour­age­ment for this lovely lady who is lack­ing fun friends and feel­ing lone­li­ness. Ev­ery­one has had ex­pe­ri­ences with lone­li­ness and it has been called “the great­est poverty.” I re­mem­ber liv­ing in Mon­treal one fall when I was a new­lyminted re­porter and feel­ing so cold and lonely away from my new work­place I took three warm baths a day just to feel em­braced in some warmth. Wish I’d know some run­ners then!

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