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Bat­man, Su­per­man do bat­tle in lat­est cos­tumed ca­per

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‘You don’t need a weath­er­man to know which way the wind blows,’ but th­ese days, a guide through the seem­ingly end­less flurry of pop-cul­ture of­fer­ings is just what we need.

With that in mind, here is what’s on the

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BIG RE­LEASES FRI­DAY: Bat­man v Su­per­man: Dawn of Jus­tice; My Big Fat Greek Wed­ding 2

Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisen­berg nails an­other tor­tured ge­nius) calls this tus­sle “god ver­sus man” and “day ver­sus night.” He could have eas­ily sold it as “vanilla ver­sus choco­late.” Apolo­gies to his Cana­dian co- cre­ator, Joe Shus­ter, but Su­per­man is the most bor­ing su­per­hero ever. He’s the teacher’s pet all the other crime fight­ers would beat up at re­cess if not for the fact he’s all-pow­er­ful and vir­tu­ally indestructible. (He’s ba­si­cally Dudley Do-Right on a steroid binge.) But as Bruce Wayne (Ben Af­fleck) sees it, Su­pes “has the power to wipe out the en­tire hu­man race.” Af­fleck’s Bat­man is weary and bro­ken, liv­ing in world where vil­lains resur­face like mur­der­ous bob­ble­heads and side­kick Robin is long buried. He’s too cyn­i­cal to re­al­ize Su­per­man is a su­per­charged hall mon­i­tor and not hu­man­ity’s doom. (If the Caped Cru­sader had bet­ter in­stincts, we’d be watch­ing Bat­man v Trump). Thank­fully, an evil alien unites the spar­ring he­roes be­fore Su­pes has the chance to crush Bat­man with his pinky. Even Won­der Woman (Gal Gadot) joins the fray, and she looks — and hits — like a god­dess. On the com­edy front, we find out big fat Greek wed­dings are lot more fun than big fat Greek mar­riages. In this se­quel to the 2002 sleeper hit, the Por­toka­los clan re­unites. We find Toula (Nia Varda­los) and her hus­band be­ing suf­fo­cated and tor­mented by their fam­ily. Be­fore they can push the di­vorce but­ton, an­other wed­ding saves the day. This time, Toula’s par­ents must be re­mar­ried be­cause of a le­gal snafu. The movie’s tag line is “Peo­ple change, Greeks don’t.” Yawn.

The two big­gest su­per­heroes of all time will bring in movie­go­ers like lem­mings. But am I the only one who would have liked to see Bat­man v Su­per­man: My Big Fat Greek Wed­ding? Maybe they duke it out on top of the buf­fet ta­ble while obliv­i­ous fam­ily mem­bers feud, yell and dance like Zorba. Later, Su­pes saves the din­ner by heat­ing up the lamb dish with his X-ray vi­sion. (No one else? Re­ally?)


Ben Af­fleck (left) and Henry Cav­ill star in Bat­man v Su­per­man:

Dawn of Jus­tice.


Nia Varda­los and John Cor­bett in a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wed­ding 2.



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