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THERE ARE TIMES we all could use a bit of a jump­start in the morn­ing, or even when we’ve hit that 3 o’clock wall. Most of us reach for caf­feine. But if you’re try­ing to cut back or if you’re not a cof­fee drinker, there’s an­other rem­edy found in na­ture – a rem­edy that’s been in use for more than 6,000 years, be­gin­ning with the an­cient Chi­nese, In­di­ans, Greeks and Ro­mans.

Es­sen­tial oils, a key in­gre­di­ent used in aro­mather­apy, con­tain con­cen­trated ex­tracts from leaves, seeds, roots or blos­soms with var­i­ous ther­a­peu­tic pur­poses. And sci­ence seems to back this up. It’s shown that cer­tain scents have the abil­ity to perk us up.

Yes, it does seem coun­ter­in­tu­itive – aro­mather­apy, for most of us, is used to soothe emo­tions or lull us into a more rest­ful sleep; laven­der pil­low spray, any­one? – but it can also in­vig­o­rate, and help to cheer us up.

Cit­rus (le­mon, orange and grape­fruit) helps boost the hap­pi­ness hor­mone sero­tonin. Pep­per­mint and rose­mary both con­trib­ute to alert­ness. Add a lit­tle spice with cin­na­mon and gin­ger, both of which can also pos­i­tively im­pact emo­tional well-be­ing and pro­duc­tiv­ity, help­ing make the daily grind more of a breeze.

But what if you don’t have, say, a sprig of rose­mary or a cin­na­mon stick on hand? Many health food and drug stores as well as spas carry es­sen­tial oils for per­sonal use. You can di­rectly in­hale a blend straight from the bot­tle (some well­ness man­u­fac­tur­ers also of­fer roll-on op­tions de­signed for safe con­tact with the skin) or by putting a few drops of oil into a dif­fuser.

For round-the-clock aro­mather­apy, try the Aro­maTime Ul­tra­sonic Dif­fuser ($190) from Canada’s Saje Well­ness, which works on a timer. Fill one reser­voir with an en­er­giz­ing blend, like Liq­uid Sun­shine, with its zingy notes of grape­fruit, lime and berg­amot orange, to help gen­tly wake up. Fill the other with a re­lax­ing blend, like Tran­quil­ity, with laven­der and ylang-ylang, to help you drift off to sleep.

Aro­maTime Ul­tra­sonic Dif­fuser

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