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Thoug Though it may be tempt­ing to quit your job and dive head­first into that flower-ar­rang­ing course you al­ways wanted to take, the ex­perts say the key to any ca­reer change is re­search and more re­search. Talk to alumni, have cof­fee with a h hir­ing man­ager, check out what fi­nan­cial sup­port t is avail­able from gov­ernme gov­ern­ment re­train­ing pro­grams and don’t for­get to think about what you u love to do and what you’re good at. With that caveat in mind, here are some in-de­mand jobs from the Cana­dian Job Bank that have short-term train­ing op­tions and of­fer de­cent salaries.

DATA SCI­EN­TIST OR AN­A­LYST In a world where data is king, vir­tu­ally ev­ery in­dus­try is hun­gry for peo­ple who can cre­ate data­bases, man­age them and an­a­lyze the mount­ing vol­ume of met­rics col­lected at ev­ery click, swipe or tap. Wages An av­er­age of $34 an hour up to $50 an hour. Train­ing Col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties of­fer one-year post-grad­u­ate cer­tifi­cates in data an­a­lyt­ics, most of which re­quire a bach­e­lor’s de­gree, al­though some com­mu­nity col­leges will ac­cept a com­bi­na­tion of post­sec­ondary ed­u­ca­tion and ex­pe­ri­ence. Out­look Good in Nova Sco­tia, New Brunswick, Que­bec, On­tario, Man­i­toba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

PROJECT MAN­AGER These peo­ple keep the trains run­ning on time – they plan, bud­get, set dead­lines and doc­u­ment all the mov­ing parts of com­plex projects – and are highly sought in con­struc­tion, in­for­ma­tion ser­vices and pub­lish­ing, and the fi­nance and in­sur­ance in­dus­tries.

Wages $38 an hour is the Cana­dian av­er­age for con­struc­tion project man­agers, while com­puter project man­agers make an av­er­age of $48 an hour up to a high of $70 an hour. Train­ing The Project Man­age­ment Pro­fes­sional des­ig­na­tion from the Project Man­age­ment In­sti­tute is one quick way to add a rec­og­nized cre­den­tial to your re­sume, but you need 4,500 hours of re­lated work ex­pe­ri­ence (if you have a bach­e­lor’s de­gree) or 7,500 hours (if you don’t) and 35 hours of classes be­fore you can take the exam. Out­look Good in Que­bec, On­tario and British Columbia for con­struc­tion project man­agers; good in Nova Sco­tia, New Brunswick, Que­bec, On­tario, Man­i­toba and British Columbia for the oth­ers.

PUB­LIC RE­LA­TIONS The name of the game is to in­crease the pro­file of your com­pany, in­sti­tu­tion or gov­ern­ment, which could mean ev­ery­thing from writ­ing press re­leases about garbage pickup to live-tweet­ing a con­fer­ence on blockchain

tech­nol­ogy for a bank. Wages Cana­dian av­er­age is $29 an hour up to a high of $50. Train­ing Some schools of­fer a fast-track 12-week cer­tifi­cate course, while on­line cour­ses from pri­vate providers prom­ise cer­tifi­cates in as lit­tle as six months. There are also one-year post­grad­u­ate diplo­mas, as well as four-year un­der­grad de­grees. Out­look Good in Nova Sco­tia, On­tario, Man­i­toba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

PER­SONAL SUP­PORT WORKER As the pop­u­la­tion ages, the health­care sec­tor is boom­ing. Per­sonal sup­port work­ers, who help look af­ter pa­tients both in home and in­sti­tu­tional set­tings, don’t earn as much as nurses, but some col­leges of­fer bridge pro­grams to prac­ti­cal nurs­ing, if that’s where your in­ter­ests lie. Wages Min­i­mum wage to a high of $36 an hour in North­west Ter­ri­to­ries and Saskatchewan. Train­ing Cer­tifi­cate pro­grams are usu­ally eight months and re­quire first aid and CPR train­ing, among other provin­cial cer­ti­fi­ca­tions. Out­look Good in Nova Sco­tia, New Brunswick, Que­bec, On­tario, Al­berta and British Columbia.

HOR­TI­CUL­TURAL TECH­NI­CIAN With a boom in con­struc­tion and re­lated land­scap­ing re­quire­ments plus cannabis farm­ing, green roofs, ver­ti­cal farm­ing and other eco-friendly ini­tia­tives in ci­ties, the fu­ture is look­ing up, al­though the work is mostly sea­sonal. Wages Cana­dian av­er­age is $22.50 an hour and up to a high of $58 in Al­berta. Train­ing Learn on the job or take a 10-month course at a com­mu­nity col­lege. Out­look Good in On­tario, Man­i­toba and British Columbia.

BUILD­ING IN­SPEC­TOR If you’ve been work­ing in the con­struc­tion trades or as a civil en­gi­neer­ing tech­nol­o­gist or ar­chi­tec­tural tech­nol­o­gist, mak­ing the switch to build­ing in­spec­tor is an at­trac­tive op­tion. Wages The Cana­dian av­er­age is $31 an hour up to a high of $51. Train­ing There are pri­vate, pub­lic and on­line cour­ses rec­om­mended by provin­cial reg­u­la­tors (in British Columbia, it totals 150 hours) as well as an ad­di­tional re­quire­ments like on-the-job train­ing (British Columbia) or test in­spec­tions (Al­berta), in ad­di­tion to a li­cenc­ing exam. Out­look Good in Que­bec, Man­i­toba and British Columbia.

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