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Peaks and val­leys in the jour­ney. Plus, books, movies and a new MZTV ex­hibit

Alain Robert, 56, dubbed the French Spi­der-Man for his habit of scal­ing some of the world’s tallest build­ings, climbs Lon­don sky­scraper us­ing noth­ing but his bare hands Af­ter­ward he ex­plained that it’s not so much that he loves climb­ing as much as he just hates Muzak.

“So he climbed a build­ing? Big deal. How many poi­sonous snakes did he kill up there?” While await­ing help after fall­ing down an Ari­zona mi­ne­shaft, 62-year-old man kills mul­ti­ple rat­tlesnakes while nurs­ing two bro­ken legs.

Spain is poised to over­take Ja­pan for the world’s long­est av­er­age life­span (85.8 years) by 2040 Sci­en­tists say Spain’s longevity is owed to healthy di­ets, fa­mil­ial bonds and a lack of open rat­tlesnake-filled mi­ne­shafts.

What a dif­fer­ence a year – or 10 – makes! Cana­dian ac­tress San­dra Oh, 47, tells InStyle that, in your 40s, “Things start mak­ing sense. You start to re­ally ac­tu­ally un­der­stand power,” and that “Hon­estly, I can’t wait for 50.”

A 73-year-old Flor­ida woman con­fronts a nude in­truder mak­ing vul­gar ges­tures in her home, re­moves her den­tures and screams “Grandma no teeth!” caus­ing the man to flee Though it’s fun­nier when she does the same thing to the un­sus­pect­ing pizza de­liv­ery guy.

In re­search that could ben­e­fit hu­man longevity, two sep­a­rate stud­ies in­crease the life­spans of worms When asked for his thoughts on the news, the Early Bird scoffed, “Yeah, we’ll see about that.” Mean­while, as worm life ex­pectancy trends up­ward … New re­port says Cana­dian life ex­pectancy could ex­pe­ri­ence a drop due to the on­go­ing opi­oid cri­sis.

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