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Five more guilt-free foods to indulge in this holiday season – or anytime


WHEN YOUR holiday calendar is packed, it’s hard to avoid a lot of snacking and sipping. But if you make the right choices from those buffets and appetizer trays, you could actually be doing yourself a favour. We’ve come up with festive fare that can help your hangover, fight off cold and flu bugs and pump you full of energy. Try these five “stealth” health foods at holiday gatherings. Appetite control Mixed Nuts Protein-packed nuts are a holiday standard and make a perfect snack. They’re high in fibre, which, along with the protein, will help you control your appetite when you’re facing down the cheesecake. The omega-3 (good) fat content can help lower bad cholestero­l and protect your heart. Nuts also contain selenium, which may help you fight off the flu germs that surely must be circulatin­g somewhere near the ginger rum punch bowl. Note: only a handful will do you. The healthy snacks are also caloric-dense; luckily, they’re filling. Low-cal hangover prevention Gourmet Veggies Keep an eye out for colourful crudités. These days, veggie-based hors d’oeuvres are about more than carrot sticks. They can include exotic produce like artichokes, daikon, fennel and asparagus. So whether they’re skewered together, layered inside phyllo, stacked atop hummus or tied into tidy little bundles with strands of chive – yes, that’s a thing – it’s an opportunit­y to grab veggies you don’t often dish up for dinner. Not only will you get full on fewer calories,

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