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From the land­mark book Grow Young with HGH comes the most pow­er­ful, over-the­counter health sup­ple­ment in the his­tory of man. Hu­man growth hor­mone was first dis­cov­ered in 1920 and has long been thought by the med­i­cal com­mu­nity to be nec­es­sary only to stim­u­late the body to full adult size and there­fore un­nec­es­sary past the age of 20. Re­cent stud­ies, how­ever, have over­turned this no­tion com­pletely, dis­cov­er­ing in­stead that the nat­u­ral de­cline of Hu­man Growth Hor­mone (HGH), from ages 21 to 61 (the av­er­age age at which there is only a trace left in the body) and is the rea­son why the body ages and fails to re­gen­er­ate it­self to its 25 year-old bi­o­log­i­cal age.

Like a picked flower cut from the source, we grad­u­ally wilt phys­i­cally and men­tally and be­come vul­ner­a­ble to a host of de­gen­er­a­tive dis­eases, that we sim­ply weren’t sus­cep­ti­ble to in our early adult years.

Mod­ern med­i­cal sci­ence now re­gards aging as a disease that is treat­able and pre­ventable and that “aging”, the disease, is ac­tu­ally a com­pi­la­tion of var­i­ous dis­eases and patholo­gies, like a rise in blood glu­cose and pres­sure to di­a­betes, skin wrin­kling and so on. All of these aging symp­toms can be stopped and rolled back by main­tain­ing Growth Hor­mone lev­els in the blood at the same lev­els HGH ex­isted in the blood when we were 25 years old.

There is a re­cep­tor site in al­most ev­ery cell in the hu­man body for HGH, so its re­gen­er­a­tive and heal­ing ef­fects are very com­pre­hen­sive.

Growth Hor­mone first syn­the­sized in 1985 un­der the Rea­gan Or­phan drug act, to treat dwarfism, was quickly rec­og­nized to stop aging in its tracks and re­verse it to a re­mark­able de­gree. Since then, only the lucky and the rich have had ac­cess to it at the cost of $10,000 US per year.

The next big break­through was to come in

1997 when a group of doc­tors and sci­en­tists, de­vel­oped an all-nat­u­ral source prod­uct which would cause your own nat­u­ral HGH to be re­leased again and do all the re­mark­able things it did for you in your 20’s. Now avail­able to ev­ery adult for about the price of a cof­fee and donut a day.

GHR is avail­able now, just in time for the aging Baby Boomers and every­one else from age 30 to 90 who doesn’t want to age but would rather stay young, beau­ti­ful and healthy all of the time.

The new HGH re­leasers are win­ning con­verts from the syn­thetic HGH users as well, since GHR is just as ef­fec­tive (for anti-aging) is oral in­stead of self-in­jectable and is very af­ford­able.

GHR is a nat­u­ral re­leaser, has no known side ef­fects, un­like the syn­thetic ver­sion and has no known drug in­ter­ac­tions.

Pro­gres­sive doc­tors ad­mit that this is the di­rec­tion medicine is go­ing, to get the body to heal it­self in­stead of em­ploy­ing drugs.

GHR is truly a rev­o­lu­tion­ary par­a­digm shift in medicine and, like any mod­ern leapfrog ad­vance, many oth­ers will be left in the dust hold­ing their lim­ited, or use­less drugs and reme­dies.

It is now thought that HGH is so com­pre­hen­sive in its heal­ing and re­gen­er­a­tive pow­ers that it is to­day, where the com­puter in­dus­try was twenty years ago, that it will dis­place so many pre­scrip­tion and non-pre­scrip­tion drugs and health reme­dies that it is stag­ger­ing to think of.

The pres­i­dent of BIE Health Prod­ucts, stated in a re­cent in­ter­view, “I’ve been wait­ing for these prod­ucts since the 70’s”. We knew they would come, if only we could stay healthy and live long enough to see them! If you want to stay on top of your game, phys­i­cally and men­tally as you age, this prod­uct is a boon, es­pe­cially for the highly skilled pro­fes­sion­als who have made large in­vest­ments in their ed­u­ca­tion, and ex­pe­ri­ence. Also with the state of the health care sys­tem in Canada which ap­pears to be go­ing into se­ri­ous de­cline, it’s more im­por­tant than ever to take pro-ac­tive steps to safe­guard your health. Con­tin­ued use of GHR will make a rad­i­cal dif­fer­ence in your health. HGH is par­tic­u­larly help­ful to the el­derly who, given a choice, would rather stay in­de­pen­dent in their own home, strong, healthy and alert enough to man­age their own af­fairs, ex­er­cise and stay in­volved in their com­mu­ni­ties. Frank, age 85, walks two miles a day, plays golf, be­longs to a dance club for se­niors, had a girl friend again and doesn’t need Vi­a­gara, passed his driv­ers test and is hardly ever home when we call - GHR de­liv­ers.

HGH is known to re­lieve symp­toms of Asthma, Ang­ina, Chronic Fa­tigue, Con­sti­pa­tion, Lower back pain and Sci­at­ica, Cataracts and Mac­u­lar De­gen­er­a­tion, Menopause, Fi­bromyal­gia, Reg­u­lar and Di­a­betic Neu­ropa­thy, Hep­ati­tis, helps Kid­ney Dial­y­sis and Heart and Stroke re­cov­ery.

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