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1. Mu­si­cal op­po­site of sharp.

4. Brass in­stru­ment with a slide that is used to change pitch.

6. Con­clu­sion of mu­si­cal com­po­si­tion, grand or not.

9. Bugs Bunny wielded scis­sors to this over­ture. (3)

10. Jessye Nor­man could sing three.

12. Holst’s space age suite. (2)

15. This Sym­phony Orches­tra was booked on the Ti­tanic, but changed boats at the last minute.

17. Vo­cal­ist with­out ac­com­pa­ni­ment. (2)

20. Tony _______ .

22. He wrote his first sym­phony at age

8 and first opera at 11. (3)

23. Woo­ing lover’s song.

24. The force is with com­poser ____ Williams.

27. His bal­let put the Beauty to Sleep.

29. _____ presents “Zoomer’s Choice”.

30. The sym­phony that trav­elled to the moon. (2)

32. Fa­ther of the Sym­phony. (3)

33. It fea­tures the Kyrie, Sanc­tus and Agnus Dei.

34. Mu­sic for two.

35. Re­peat­edly Ravel.

36. Please, please play it again.


2. This kind of sig­na­ture waits for no one.

3. Heifetz in­stru­ment.

4. In­di­cat­ing speed.

5. A colour­ful word for a mu­si­cal scale con­sist­ing en­tirely of semi­tones.

7. He dreamt about a Mid­sum­mer Night and set it to mu­sic. (2)

8. “Empty orches­tra” in Ja­panese.

9. Host of 102.9's Clas­si­cal Juke­box and takes your re­quests too. (2)

11. Lively and fast.

13. An in­stru­ment with more than 10,000 mov­ing parts.

14. Pavarotti, Car­reras & Domingo. (3)

16. His open­ing mo­tif is one of his­tory’s most fa­mous. (3)

18. ONE two three. ONE two three.

19. Bern­stein, Til­son Thomas, Ab­bado, Ound­jian.

21. “Ar­ti­fi­cial voice”.

25. This is to a mu­si­cal com­po­si­tion as a pro­logue is to a novel.

26. Short de­tached notes.

28. Tre­ble or Bass.

31. The Sea Or­gan art in­stal­la­tion in Croa­tia uses these to cre­ate sound.

33. The cane found in wind in­stru­ments.


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