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SChloawssc­ifaieseds 1st demonstrat­ed by Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. Adapted by Dr Dino Tomic. POLARAID ® Harness Vital Energy! Weak, unhealthy aura Strong, healthy aura “I am a retired naturopath­ic physician and chiropract­or. I started my electromag­netic work in the mid80s, ahead of almost everybody. About three years ago, a client of mine gave me one PolarAid disc. I have tested hundreds of devices that are supposed to offer protection from electromag­netic radiation. I use muscle response testing to gauge whether a device works or not. I have been doing muscle response testing since the late 1970s and have done it on over a million people. When I tested your PolarAid disc, it tested incredibly well. It transforms the ability of the organism to withstand the radiation. I was shocked, to say the least. I started using PolarAid myself and noticed significan­t changes. I tested PolarAid disc on numerous other people and found that it worked on everybody. Needless to say, I started recommendi­ng people purchase one or two or family pack and get the whole family involved. FYI, I have tested hundreds of devices and many are fraudulent and do absolutely nothing. Some of them are ridiculous­ly expensive and some of them actually make the situation worse. Your PolarAid disc falls into a totally different category and I applaud you.” Adopt-A-Manatee for Friends and Family ® 1-800-432-5646 savetheman­atee.org Photo © David Schrichte Is it time to find a new home for your guns and equipment? An important part of being a responsibl­e gun owner is knowing when it is time to not be a gun owner. Your guns could get into the wrong hands (thieves or children), create estate taxes and be a burden to the people you leave behind. We are Canada’s premier gun auction, safe storage and appraisal company. R.A.DC, ND, Kelowna, B.C. Dealing with them now saves your family tax money, grief and you could use the money now. Trips? Grandchild­ren? Act Now! Get the PolarAid family pack available at 20% discount! 4+2 Our 5+1 offer is now for a limited time! Radiation, magnets, electricit­y. batteries, charging or maintenanc­e. • Appraisals Why not store them with us until you decide? No No • Safe Storage One call does it all, so contact us today at (844)-482-4644 or visit our website GTAguns.com See Our Video and to Order: • Gunsmithin­g www.polaraidhe­alth.com GTA Guns and Gear Auctions Inc. gord@gtaauction­s.com 450-486-7888 Best. Gift. Ever!

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