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Omelette, Anyone?

- By Kim Honey

Warm Greek Chicken Salad in 20.

Ricardo being Québécois, there is Vegetable and Sausage Poutine but also other surprises like paella (the rice is cooked separately and tossed in for the last 10 minutes), raclette and even tiramisu. Vegetarian­s get some love with Asparagus Quiche, Cauliflowe­r Tacos and Glazed Tofu, Edamame and Vermicelli Bowl. Ricardo even tells you not to panic when your sheet pan goes “boom” in the oven and warps; the thermal shock will subside when the metal cools, and it will revert to its usual flat shape.

This spring’s crop of food books will inspire you to crack an egg and then some

by Olivia Beirmann (April 12)

I’m not a vegan, but after checking out this Halifax blogger and YouTube star’s second cookbook, I want to make the London Fog Sheet-Pan Cake with Vanilla Buttercrea­m, inspired by Olivia Beirmann’s favourite coffee-shop treat, an

Earl Grey tea made with steamed milk and vanilla syrup. Liv B, as she is known, averages a million monthly views on her YouTube channel, where she made a vegan version of the viral TikTok fetaand-pasta dish. “Vegan on a budget, simplified” is the tag line, and this collection of 100 sheet-pan, one-pot and five-ingredient recipes contains treats like Sheetpan Pot Pie made with vegan puff pastry and tofu, which allows for “a great topping-to-filling ratio,” and a very intriguing recipe for Creamy Carrot Shells, where cooked carrots and cashews are whirred into a smooth pasta sauce with sautéed onion and garlic. by Nigella Lawson (April 20)

It’s been 23 years since Nigella Lawson published How to Eat, and she has blown off the “celebrity chef” label since then.

“My qualificat­ion is as an eater,” she says. Her 13th cookbook is billed as the story of her life, featuring 150 recipes the British TV personalit­y turns to repeatedly, including Chocolate Peanut Butter

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