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Top Canadian chefs share summer foodie hacks


AH,SUMMERTIME. Barbecues, campfires, dining al fresco and drinks on the dock. But after all we’ve been through this year, why not take it up a notch? Spark up the grill, but move over burgers, marshmallo­ws and s’mores (well, not completely, we still like our old faithfuls), as we’re looking for fresh local bounty to feed us, too.

And although the pandemic has been tough going for the hospitalit­y industry, some of the best chefs from across our country’s culinary landscape are happy to share their tips. Even if, this summer, it’s a table for one by a breezy window, a table for two on a tiny balcony or your household is celebratin­g a milestone on the front porch, these ideas will get you cooking.

A tip for all seasons, including summer – quick blanching your veggies before you cook them. If you plan on grilling or tossing, a quick hot water blanch followed by an ice bath helps to bring out the brightest of colours for the veggies. You can see this with leafy greens, green beans and asparagus. As well, with carrots and even broccoli and cauliflowe­r [Lui’s Kung Pow-Style Cauliflowe­r Wings, left]” —Trevor Lui, chef, founder of Quell culinary talent agency, author of The Double Happiness Cookbook: 88 Feel-Good Recipes and Food Stories • highbellgr­oup.com

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