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We can’t say this enough – and neither can your dermatolog­ist. Adding an SPF to your daily skin care routine can help protect the skin from harmful, damage-causing UV rays, dark spots and discoloura­tion and premature aging and wrinkles. And, depending on exposure, this goes for your body as well. We repeat, apply every day, rain or shine.

Stay out of the sun as much as possible – and skip the tanning bed, as it doesn’t create that proverbial protective “base.” When the skin exhibits a “tan,” it is, in a sense, an alarm bell, and the body’s largest organ’s protection mechanism. “A tan ramps up the melanocyte cells in the skin,” says Kellett. “It triggers the melanocyte­s to produce melanin (or dark pigment). It’s a protective response, but to clarify, it’s not protection. It’s the skin’s indication of injury.”

Some topicals, such as Institut Esthederm’s Paris Bronz Impulse Face and Body Spray ( esthederm. ca) and Laboratoir­e Dr Renaud Cell’Defense Tan Enhancing Veil Face & Body ( ldrenaud.com), may help fortify skin to adapt to the sun by prepping it to be as healthy as possible – before taking to the sun full on (ready for long days on the cottage dock, anyone?)

Begin applying these products like a moisturize­r all over the body at least two weeks prior and, yes, we’re saying this again, in conjunctio­n with your sunscreen that should be worn daily, applied at least 20 minutes before heading out at anytime during the summer.

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