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Zoom In Focus: The Queen; This Way Up; Aretha Franklin; Emmy watch; and Dune at TIFF

- —Leanne Delap

OF THE ZILLIONS OF PHOTOGRAPH­S taken of the Queen, few images capture the emotions of the woman holding up the Crown. Chris Jackson, the royal photograph­er for Getty Images, chose his best pictures from nearly 20 years spent jockeying for position in press scrums around the world for his book Elizabeth II: A Queen for Our Time.

His selections capture the fleeting moments when the Queen’s game face slips, letting us connect to her humanity. The book publishes in September, timed to land just ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the 70th anniversar­y of her ascension to the throne in February, 1952. Jackson, who is married to Natasha Archer, the personal assistant to Catherine, Duchess of

Cambridge, is sometimes offered special access to the Windsors, but remains in awe of their Royal Highnesses. The Queen, pictured on the previous page with the late Prince Philip outside the frame, visits a 2014 art installati­on at the Tower of London, where each ceramic poppy represente­d one of the 888,246 British and colonial deaths in the First World War. “I was able to take a shot from a low viewpoint with the poppies in the foreground,” Jackson explains in the caption. “Clearly a moving experience for the royal couple, they walked alone among the poppies, seemingly lost in their own thoughts.”

After an event at Windsor Park in March, Jackson was invited to photograph the Queen and Prince Charles on a walk. Before he was in position, the Queen, behind the wheel of her car, whizzed past him on her way to Frogmore House, and he had to sprint down the road with his equipment to get the shot of the monarch wrapped in a headscarf, along with her heir in one of his classic camel coats. A moment of levity, shared with Prince William at the sombre Festival of Remembranc­e at Royal Albert Hall in November 2015, arose when the Queen couldn’t find her spectacles in her (famously empty) handbag. Royals, they’re just like the rest of us!

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 ??  ?? Chris Jackson’s Elizabeth II: A Queen for Our Time
Chris Jackson’s Elizabeth II: A Queen for Our Time

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