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Ireturned to Canada from my sister’ s Istanbul funeral with two possession­s dear to Donna that our mother thought I should have – her diary and her charm bracelet. I have never read the diary and never will, on principle, as Donna valued her secrets. And after reading “A Charmed Life”, Nathalie Atkinson’s examinatio­n of the timeless allure of the charm bracelet, I feel even more regret at misplacing my sister’s in the blur of my peripateti­c youth. The heavy bracelet’s multi-layered trinkets were gathered in souks, bazaars and markets in Europe and the Middle East. It made me feel closer to the life she led the few years we lived apart before a 1990 car crash claimed her.

Emotion, memory and nostalgia are often unconsider­ed side-effects of possession­s at a time when old conspicuou­s consumptio­n is viewed as a character flaw. Clothes and furniture can have a confoundin­g duality. They are practical necessitie­s, but when filtered through the lens of fashion and design, which can cause price tags to hit the stratosphe­re, they are often thought to be frivolous indulgence­s. But leaning into style can have a profound impact on quality of life. In “A Thing for Chintz”, Trish Crawford delves into the throwback cottagecor­e movement, a trend with multi-generation­al appeal that provides a comforting salve for the pandemic – and environmen­tal – blues.

On that theme, award-winning photograph­er Yuri Dojc once again appears in our pages with a personal project. “Buds of Hope” shows how nature renewed his optimism during the darkness and isolation of lockdown. As a grace note, he signed 50 subscriber copies, so your issue may be a collector’s item.

COVID-19 brought to a head decades-long negligence in our long-term care system. In “No Place Like Home”, Nora Underwood makes the convincing case that better building design – from decor to architectu­re – would have cut down the virus’s death toll. And, by adopting a more empathetic, organic and tasteful approach to future design, long-term care homes can be a place of dignified respite for residents.

In this issue, we also celebrate “Boss Ladies” – self-made, self-employed women who are building brands and businesses in cosmetics, real estate, and food and drink, starting with our cover subject, Monika Deol. As Shinan Govani reveals in “Still Electric”, Deol – who in September is hosting a revival tour of Electric Circus, the MuchMusic show that made her famous – was always empowered to make her own way. She defied family and cultural expectatio­ns by leaving home to attend university and going into the entertainm­ent business. Deol told me her first-ever interview as a reporter for the university newspaper was with Bryan Adams, then a newly minted rock star. Now, with an outstandin­g career of countless interviews behind her and a burgeoning second act as a beauty entreprene­ur in front, Deol was photograph­ed by Adams for her Zoomer cover.

Nostalgia – but as the meme goes, make it fashion – reinvented for now.

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