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Shinan Govani is a Canadian columnist who has written for Town & Country, Tatler, Vanity Fair, The Daily Beast and Air Mail. He says writing about people never gets boring. “Like F. Scott Fitzgerald once put it, ‘Character is plot, and plot is character.’’’ Profiling Monika Deol for this issue was a nostalgia-inducing exercise, because she was one of very few Indo-Canadians that Govani saw in the media, growing up. Toronto-based writer Nora Underwood has covered health-related subjects ranging from hormones and hip replacemen­ts to the AIDS crisis and the teenage brain. Being immersed in the world of longterm care, especially during a pandemic, was eye-opening and life changing. In “No Place Like Home”, she looks at the role design has played in the tragic story of long-term care homes during COVID-19.

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