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- By Mike Crisolago


ll you need is love At 112, Puerto Rican Emilio Flores Márquez is confirmed as the world’s oldest man, telling Guinness World Records he attributes his longevity to a life full of love and free of anger.

What, you’ve never seen a 93-yearold woman dressed as a donkey riding

a broomstick? Japanese nonagenari­an Kimiko Nishimoto, who took up photograph­y at 72, is an Instagram sensation thanks to her hilarious photos taken in costume.

Stroke of fortune After she was temporaril­y paralyzed on her dominant right side, a New York woman, 63, discovers she’s a gifted left-handed painter.

A study in the U.S. journal Aging showed lifestyle and dietary changes in participan­ts aged 50 to 72 reduced their biological age by three years in just eight weeks Which means that, after 120 weeks of this interventi­on, Betty White would be young enough to star in a Golden Girls prequel.

Meanwhile, Sir Ian McKellen, 82, who recently told The Guardian he feels “about 12,” stars as 30-yearold Hamlet Next up for McKellen – playing Frodo Baggins in an age-blind production of Lord of the Rings.

But can McKellen crawl through a mud pit and scale a three-storey wall? A Missouri woman, 81, completes her second Tough Mudder – an extreme, 5-kilometre obstacle course renowned for pushing endurance limits.

“BRB, Henry can’t find his glasses. NVM they were on his head. ROFL” A survey of Americans over 65 shows many learned to text during the pandemic and more than 30 per cent preferred it to phone calls.

A study published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests difficulty falling into a slumber could predict dementia But please don’t lose sleep over it.

 ??  ?? Sir Ian McKellen (left) is reprising the role of Hamlet (above), which he famously tackled in 1971.
Sir Ian McKellen (left) is reprising the role of Hamlet (above), which he famously tackled in 1971.
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