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Oh, sure - when the COVID scandal in nursing homes was raging, seniors were a top priority. Government­s fell all over themselves to profess concern and promise to do better. Then the focus shifted to vaccines — fair enough — and at the same time, other issues started crowding in. Jobs. Education. House prices.

All important, we can't deny. But the landscape was getting busy.

By the time the federal budget rolled around, we could clearly see where seniors stood in that landscape. Way more money for child care than for home care. Way more for global warming than for income security. And most of the dollars for seniors were longer term. Down the road.

Maybe they think we're just going to fade away. Maybe they're taking our votes for granted. C.A.R.P. says: Stay mad! In fact, join us in staying mad. Hold them to account — for their mistakes, their neglect, their wandering attention span. Join C.A.R.P. today and make our voice even stronger!

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