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- —Kim Honey

THE DEFENCE never rests, especially when renowned Toronto criminal lawyer Marie Henein is wearing the robes.

That holds true outside the courtroom, too, as Henein will publish a memoir called Nothing But the Truth on Sept. 28 that promises to defend her much-maligned profession and underline why she chooses to represent controvers­ial clients like former CBC personalit­y Jian Gomeshi (acquitted of choking and sexual assault), former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant (charges withdrawn of criminal negligence causing death, and dangerous driving) and former Vice-Admiral Mark Norman (breach of trust charge stayed).

“Her most successful cases made her a lightning rod in some circles, confirming her belief that much of the public’s understand­ing of the justice system is based on popular culture and social media, and decidedly not the rule of law,” says the synopsis from publisher Signal Books.

Henein, who is revered in legal circles as much as she is feared, will cover her Egyptian-Lebanese family’s immigrant experience, the death of her uncle Sami from HIV/AIDS and sexism in a male-dominated profession. No holds barred, of course.

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