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Created by Barb Stefanyshy­n-Cote, distiller at Black Fox, Sask. “Aromatic and refreshing! This cocktail is similar to a Gin and Tonic, but with a few key difference­s: A balloon glass will help bring the aromatics to your nose. Fill the glass completely with ice. This keeps the cocktail chilled, helps to prevent dilution, and maintains the proper mix-to-alcohol ratio. Aromatics, such as herbs, citrus peels, cucumber, dried flowers, fruits, etc., are added to the glass before the liquids.”

1 to 2 oz. Black Fox Gin #3 Aromatics of your choice (see Barb’s suggestion­s above)

High-quality tonic

Fill balloon glass with ice and add aromatics. Pour in gin and top with tonic. Stir ingredient­s and enjoy!


“This is the bannock recipe my great-aunt gave to me just before I opened my restaurant,” says Jenni Lessard. “Now it’s the bannock used at Wanuskewin. It calls for half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour, to add more nutrition and a heartier texture. For baked bannock, use 1/2 cup more water and bake in a 12-inch circle on a sheet pan, approximat­ely 35 minutes, until the top

is golden brown.” Ingredient­s:

3 cups whole wheat flour

3 cups all-purpose flour

3 tbsp baking powder 2 tbsp brown sugar

1 tsp salt

3 cups cold water

1/2 cup canola oil


Mix flour, baking powder, brown sugar and salt in a bowl. Add water and oil and stir just until combined. Knead until all ingredient­s are combined, adding a bit more flour if necessary. Divide into 20 equal-sized balls. Flatten and form each ball into a 5-inch long portion.

Wind around peeled poplar or other wooden stick, pinching shut at top and bottom. Cook over low fire, rotating often, approximat­ely 15 min. until cooked completely inside. Serve with butter and jam!


This plant-based dish from Brad and Cindy Lazarenko at Culina in Edmonton serves 6 to 8 people


3–4 large zucchini squash

4 cobs of corn

24 large green beans (blanched)

3 tbsp minced garlic

1 leek (washed and diced)

1 head of celery – diced

2 parsnips or carrots – diced

1 100-oz. (2.8 l) can chopped tomatoes

1 cup white wine 4 tbsp fresh chopped dill (or herb of choice)

1 cup olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste Pinch of chili peppers


Sauté garlic, leeks, celery, parsnips in olive oil until caramelize­d. Deglaze with white wine and add can of chopped tomatoes. Add herbs and season with salt and pepper and chilies. Simmer on low for an hour.

Meanwhile, slice zucchini into 1/2” (1 cm) pieces and shuck corn. Prepare a barbecue or make a fire for grilling. Toss zucchini, corn and green beans in 1/4 cup canola oil, 2 tbsp soy sauce and 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar. Grill the vegetables for 3-4 min. on each side. Let cool and cut corn off cob, dice zucchini and chop beans. Add to stew and simmer for another 20 min.

Serve with bannock.

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