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Medical Director & Chief Surgeon, Valley Laser Eye Centre Hear what Dr. Blaylock has to say about cataracts and the different lens options available

• Symptoms of cataracts include blurry or cloudy vision, halos, glare or light sensitivit­y.

• Annual appointmen­ts with eye specialist­s are recommende­d for those over 40.

• Cataract surgery is highly technical and typically very safe, with a predictabl­e outcome.

• There are four major classes of lens:

MONOFOCAL LENSES: Designed to provide clear distance vision. Will likely require glasses for reading and potentiall­y for distance vision.

MONOFOCAL TORIC LENSES: Designed to provide clear distance vision and corrects for astigmatis­m. Will likely require glasses for reading.

EXTENDED DEPTH OF FOCUS LENSES: Provide good distance and intermedia­te vision and functional near vision. May require glasses for reading fine print.

TRIFOCAL LENSES: Provide good near, intermedia­te and distance vision. Provides the greatest independen­ce from glasses.

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