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- —Judy Gerstel

“Even as we get older and our bodies change, we never age out of sexuality,” says Joan Price, 78, a California-based author, sex educator and so-called senior sexpert. She is adamant that, rather than giving up, we should adjust and try new things, “so we can enjoy sex for the rest of our lives.” Price, the author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, acknowledg­es physical changes may be challengin­g. “The penis doesn’t work the way it used to, the clitoris doesn’t work the way it used to, penetratio­n is not as pleasurabl­e, we’re not feeling sensation the way we used to, arthritis may mean the hands aren’t working as easily as before.” She adds, “That’s why sex toys and vibrators were invented. Stop stressing your wrist already!” But some things never change. At any age, “75 to 80 per cent of vulva owners don’t experience orgasm through penetratio­n alone.” Women shouldn’t be embarrasse­d to talk about how they require more sensation. On your next “sex date,” she suggests bringing a vibrator and sharing it with your partner, saying: “This is what I need for sexual response and orgasm. It’s a threesome, you, me and the vibrator.” The design and marketing of sex toys is making them more popular. “I call them pleasure products,” says Johanna Rief, global director of sexual empowermen­t for Lovehoney, an online retailer of “electronic products for adults,” like the Womanizer, and We-Vibe for couples. Some, she says, “even look like a facial brush; you can leave it on the nightstand, and no one would realize it’s a sex toy.” Will we reach the point when grandma gets a vibrator for her birthday? “I’d rather they give her a certificat­e to a sex shop and let her pick out her own,” Price replied.

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