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Life satisfacti­on generally increases from mid- to late life, and our emotional experience­s may be more positive as we age, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Illness, family issues, loss and regret can interfere with happiness, and may also contribute to why life satisfacti­on tends to decrease after 70. That said, there are ways to boost happiness as the decades pass, says Dr. John Tholen, 74, a retired California cognitive therapist and author of Focused Positivity: The Path to Success and Peace of Mind. Although our emotions and motivation­s seem to be directly linked to the events and circumstan­ces we encounter, he suggests we’re reacting to our interpreta­tion of our experience­s. It’s our internal monologue, our self-talk that determines how we feel about what’s happening in our lives. Changing that self-talk with focused positivity starts with being mindful of our thoughts; identifyin­g the dysfunctio­nal ones; and refocusing our attention on positive ones, like gratitude, and motivating conviction­s, such as hope and self-assertion, that can bring us some peace of mind.

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