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Whether you’re renting a car or bringing your own, the classic Virginia road trip allows you the freedom to pack up and go whenever and wherever you want, from slow rambles over gravel backroads to spectacula­r rides along mountain freeways. Lucky Route 13 takes you along the iconic Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, while Skyline Drive, which cuts through Shenandoah National Park, features 170 kilometres of scenic overlooks and frequent sightings of black bears, whitetail deer and wild turkeys. Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds through the Appalachia­ns, is often called “America’s Favourite Drive,” while Back of the Dragon, a zippy 50-km road with 438 turns, is a blast for motorcycle lovers. And if you’re driving farther south to a snowbird destinatio­n, why not break up your journey with an extended stopover in Virginia? You may just decide to stay longer.

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