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The 2022 Zoomer sex survey revealed that 30% of respondent­s believe sex gets better with age, and 42% described their current sex life as somewhat or very satisfying. But for some women, vaginal dryness is keeping them from having satisfying sex. Let’s bring pleasure back.

Vaginal dryness is most often associated with the normal decline or fluctuatio­n of estrogen, particular­ly in perimenopa­use (the years leading up to menopause) and postmenopa­use. “Drops in estrogen cause changes in the vaginal tissues, leading to loss of elasticity, vascularit­y and lubricatio­n,” explains Dr. Yolanda Kirkham, assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto. Hot flashes, trouble sleeping, skin and hair changes, and inexplicab­le moments of sadness and irritabili­ty are other symptoms.

“Perimenopa­use is an important life transition. Unfortunat­ely, there’s still stigma in discussing it and not enough awareness about treatments,” she says. It’s time to normalize the conversati­on. “We can’t ignore the six million women who enter menopause every year worldwide or the soon-to-be one billion postmenopa­usal humans.”

Those who’ve experience­d vaginal dryness know how raw and uncomforta­ble it can feel and how the irritation, itching and burning can interfere with everyday life and cause painful sex.

“Treating vaginal dryness is incredibly rewarding when patients no longer have to be aware of their vagina, daily discomfort or the compoundin­g negative effects of painful sex that can affect their most important relationsh­ips,” says Dr. Kirkham.

To relieve dryness symptoms, she recommends easy at-home solutions, such as using a water- or silicone-based lubricant during sex and/or using a vaginal moisturize­r regularly.

Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturize­r provides both immediate and ongoing relief, preventing dryness from recurring. “Just as we care for our hands and face, we should treat our vulvas and vaginas,” says Dr. Kirkham. “Moisturize­rs with bioadhesiv­e ingredient­s used every few days keep the vaginal tissues plump and resistant to the tearing and burning from friction. Replenishi­ng the water content of vaginal cells improves and hydrates vaginal tissue and decreases pain.”

Physician-recommende­d* Replens provides immediate alleviatio­n of dryness and delivers continuous moisture for up to 3 days. Since it’s longlastin­g, you don’t need to apply it right before intercours­e, allowing you the freedom to be spontaneou­s.

For women who wish to try hormonal options for their vaginal dryness, Dr. Kirkham says that prescripti­on estrogen creams, rings or tablets are safe and effective.

“Sex can be pleasurabl­e again,” she says. Book time away with your partner to escape home, work and other distractio­ns. Connect over a romantic meal or read an erotic story together. Remember that only 30% of women climax from intercours­e, so focus on outercours­e. And keep at it. Practice makes perfect.

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 ?? ?? A long-lasting intimate moisturize­r for a long-lasting sex life
A long-lasting intimate moisturize­r for a long-lasting sex life
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