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Indigenous children in Canada are among those most affected by the climate crisis due to the legacy of colonialis­m, underfundi­ng and geographic location. Flooding, forest fires, ice melts, severe rainfall and extreme heat are an increasing threat to the safety of and relationsh­ip to the land for First Nations, Metis and Inuit children.

In Treaty 3 area, Northweste­rn Ontario, Kenora Chiefs Advisory (KCA) is responding to the climate crisis through an emergency preparedne­ss and climate change adaptation program. The goal of the initiative is to enhance First Nations communitie­s’ resilience to a changing climate by centering local knowledge and the perspectiv­es of children, ensuring their voices and priorities are addressed in climate response. This program was designed and led by KCA, and supported by GSK Canada and the National Reconcilia­tion Program at Save the Children.

...I notice that we barely have any animals here now …such as deer …and barely any fish in the water…

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