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Conguillio National Park can be accessed to the north via the town of Curacautin, which is also a good base for checking out other natural attraction­s in the area like Malalcahue­llo National Reserve. But most visitors to the park go through Melipeuco which is just 12 kms from the main entrance. The nearest airport is located in the city of Temuco, about 120 kms west. There are regular, daily buses from Temuco to Melipeuco, but get a rental car instead as it allows better ease of access to the park and the surroundin­g countrysid­e (4-wheel drive is recommende­d as many roads in the area are unpaved). If you’d prefer a tour to get to know the area, Turismo Aventura Ñamku (turismoave­nturamelip­ is one of many tour operators which provide transporta­tion as part of their packages.

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