Special Topic: Natural Language Analysis and Understanding in Big Data

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A Hybrid Optimization Framework Fusing Word- and Sentence-level Information

for Extractive Summarization ·················································································· LIN Xinyi, YAN Rui, ZHAO Dongyan (229) Regular Path Queries on Large Graph Data ·············································································· ZHANG Yu, ZENG Li, ZOU Lei (236) A Study of Articulatory Features Based Detection of Mandrain Pronunciation

Erroneous Tendency for Automatic Annotation ··········································· WEI Xing, WANG Wei, CHEN Jingping, et al (243) Study on Continuous Speech Recognition Based on Bottleneck Features

for Lhasa-tibetan Dialect ················································································· ZHOU Nan, ZHAO Yue, LI Yaoqiang, et al (249) Neural Post-editing Based on Machine Translation Quality Estimation ····················· TAN Yiming, WANG Mingwen, LI Maoxi (255) Domain Term Extraction Using URL-KEY ·························································································· LÜ Shuning, DONG Zhian (262) Research on Automatic Writing of Football Game News ····························· WANG Wenchao, LÜ Xueqiang, ZHANG Kai, et al (271) Training Machine Translation Quality Estimation Model

Based on Pseudo Data ········································································· WU Huanqin, ZHANG Hongyang, LI Jingmei, et al (279) LSTM Based Question Answering for Large Scale Knowledge Base ····················· ZHOU Botong, SUN Chengjie, LIN Lei, et al (286)

An Analysis Method of System-level ESD Model with a TLP Stress Input ············· WANG Yize, WANG Yuan, CAO Jian, et al (293) Design of a High Speed Low Power Time-to-digital Converter

Based on Multi-stage Amplification Structure ············································ FAN Chuanqi, JIA Song, WANG Zhenyu, et al (299) An ICA Based Method for Grid Radio Signal Monitoring ······································· ZHANG Jingshu, LÜ Mengfei, LI Dou, et al (307) Low Resource Consumption Design of Digital Decimation Filter ··························································· QIAN Zebin, YAN Wei (315) Cross Site Script Prevention Based on Delimiters ··············································· ZHANG Huilin, LI Guancheng, DING Yu, et al (320) Research on Continuity of Multi-scale Space-filling Curves ························ ZHAI Weixin, CHEN Bo, TONG Xiaochong, et al (331) Disparity Estimation Method for Free-texture Scenes

Based on Light Field ··········································································· ZHENG Miao, ZHAO Hongying, YANG Peng, et al (336) Long-term Mean Footprint and Its Relationship

to Heavy Air Pollution Episodes in Beijing ············································· ZOU Qingqing, CAI Xuhui, GUO Mengting, et al (341) Effects of Atmosphere on Radiative Transfer Characteristics

and Salinity Retrieval on Spaceborne Salinity Meter ·························· WANG Yingqiang, YAN Wei, WANG Yeying, et al (350) Automatic Microseismic Event Detection and Arrival Picking

Based on Waveform Cross-correlation ·················································· WEI Mengyi, TAN Yuyang, MAO Zhonghua, et al (361) Diagenesis Types and Evolution of the Lower-middle Ordovician

Carbonates in Yubei Area, Tarim Basin ·················································· LIU Hongguang, LIU Bo, ZHANG Xuefeng, et al (373) Petrogenesis of Hornblendite Enclaves in Jinling Magmatic Complex

of Intrusions from the Western Shandong Province ··············································· HU Yalu, LIU Shuwen, JIN Ziliang, et al (385) Equilibrium Line Altitude Distribution Characteristics and Influencing

Factors of Modern Glaciers in Yadong-kangmar, Himalaya Range ·················· LIU Junnan, LIU Gengnian, PENG Xu, et al (398) Research of Carrying Capacity on Resource and Environment

in Core Cities of Central Henan Urban Agglomeration ·········································· YU Yang, HAN Peng, YANG Nan, et al (407) Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination in Three Kinds of Habitat

of Futian Mangrove Forest in Shenzhen Bay ································· CHENG Shanshan, SHEN Xiaoxue, CHAI Minwei, et al (415) Object-oriented Precise Decision-making (OOPD) for Water Quality

Improvementin Lake Yilong ····················································································· ZOU Rui, SU Han, YU Yanhong, et al (426) Reductive Removal of Four Halogenated Organic Compounds

by Different Sizes of Zero-valent-iron ··························································· ZHAO Xufei, WEI Caijie, ZHANG Jin, et al (435) Economic and Environmental Analysis of Household Photovoltaic System:

Taking 5 kw Photovoltaic System in Jiangxi Province as an Example ·········································· WEN Zekun, QIU Guoyu (443) Impacts of Mega-events on City Investment and Financing: An Empirical

Analysis of Panel Data from Municipal-level Cities ······························· KONG Yinghui, HE Canfei, LIN Chusheng, et al (451)

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