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Chinese Text Sentiment Classification by H-RNN-CNN ··································································· LUO Fan, WANG Houfeng (459) Research on Automatic Recognition of Auxiliary “DE” ······································ LIU Qiuhui, ZHANG Kunli, XU Hongfei, et al (466) A Method for Semantic Roles Labeling Consistency Calculation

Based on Multi-features ············································································· KE Yonghong, ZHU Yongfu, SUI Zhifang, et al (475) An Approach of Sentence Similarity on TREE-LSTM ·················································· YANG Meng, LI Peifeng, ZHU Qiaoming (481) Research and Implementation of Multi-component Seismic

Monitoring System AETA ··································································· WANG Xin’an, YONG Shanshan, XU Boxing, et al (487) Development of Inductive Magnetic Sensor for Multi-component

Seismic Monitoring System AETA ·················································· YONG Shanshan, WANG Xin’an, PANG Ruitao, et al (495) Dimensionless Model and Numerical Solution for 1D Horizontal Spontaneous Imbibition ······························· ZHAO Guozhong (502) Numerical Study on Effects of Lateral Variations of Moon Crustal Thickness

on Lunar Seismic Wave Propagation ························································································· CHEN Fei, WANG Yanbin (511) Paleomagnetic Inclination Shallowing in Lower Triassic Liujiagou Formation

from Qinshui Basin, North China Block ··········································· ZHOU Tinghong, HUANG Baochun, JIA Shufei, et al (521) Marine Seismic Data Deghosting With 1.5D Inverse Scattering Series Method ··································· XIE Yueyue, HU Tianyue (535) Characteristics and Genesis of Geoheritage Resources of Taihang Mountain ·················· WANG Hui, LI Jianghai, WU Tongwen (546) 3-D Seismology Interpretation and Structure Analysis of Early Permian

Flood Basalt Volcanic Edifices in Tarim Basin ··············································· GAO Zhongbo, WANG Lei, TIAN Wei, et al (555) New Discovery of Macroscopic Algae Fossils from Shibantan Bituminous Limestone

of Dengying Formation in the Yangtze Gorges Area, South China ············· YANG Fan, QIN Shujian, DING Weiming, et al (563) Stress Criterion of Effective Development on Yanchang Formation Reservoir

in Jing’an Area, Ordos Basin ······································································ LU Xiangwei, DU Shuheng, ZHENG Kui, et al (573) Oxidation Modification of Natural Molybdenite Using Concentrated

Sulfuric Acid and Its Electrocatalytic Properties ······························································· QIANG Jingya, CHUAN Xiuyun (579) Properties and Mechanism of Different Species of Tourmaline Material

on Formaldehyde Purification ············································································ WANG Ling, JU Xuecheng, HU Min, et al (585) Comparison of Different Ecosystem Respiration Models and Its Application in Carbon Cycle Research

over Semi-arid Grassland during Growing Season ······················· JIANG Haimei, ZHANG Deguang, WANG Ruojing, et al (593) Case Studies: Simulation on Characteristics of Wind Turbine Wake Effect

in a Lake-side Wind Farm with Wrf-fitch ·············································· WANG Shu, LIU Shuhua, CHEN Jianzhou, et al (605) Identification of Potential Land Use Conflict in Desertification

Area at the County Level ························································································· LI Qiao, WU Xiuqin, WANG Manman (616) Analysis on Microbial Diversity in the Sediments and Its Relationship

with Environmental Factors in a Reservoir ··········································································· ZHU Tingting, TIAN Congkui (625) Removal Features of DOM in Bio-treated Effluents by Enhanced

Coagulation Process ····················································································· WANG Jingbo, ZHANG Linnan, LI Zhenshan (633) Characteristics of Pollutants Flush on Different Types of Underlying

Surface in Changzhou ·········································································· ZHANG Xiangli, ZHAO Zhijie, QIN Huapeng, et al (644) Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Gross Primary Productivity

of Ecosystems in Temperate Northern China ················································································ FENG Yao, ZHAO Xinyi (655) Source Apportionment and Transport Characteristics of Ozone

in Baoding during Summer Time ······················································ HUANG Zhengchao, HONG Linan, YIN Peiling, et al (665) A System Dynamic Forewarning Model of Watershed Dual Water

Resources Carrying Capacity ····················································································· GAO Wei, LIU Yong, HE Shuzhuang (673) Study of Quit Willingness of Farmer’s Rural Residential Land from the

Prospective of Human Capital: Case of Xinxiang in Henan Province ········ SHEN Haojing, FENG Changchun, CHEN Chun (680)

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