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I checked with var­i­ous doc­tors upon my re­turn. Ear doc­tor: no in­ner ear baro­trauma. Brain scan: ev­ery­thing nor­mal. How­ever, a painful en­doscopy of the heart dis­cov­ered a slight de­for­ma­tion of the mem­brane be­tween my left and right ven­tri­cles, which un­der high pres­sure could have re­leased the pas­sage of mi­cro-bub­bles, from one side to the other. This would ap­par­ently have af­fected the brain, in­duc­ing ver­tigo. Hap­pily, it fixes it­self in time, given no ex­er­tion – shh! Since then, no fur­ther symp­toms.

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