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Applicatio­n Research of Off-line Programmin­g in the Debugging of Body Flexible Line


Chen Kuai, Liang Guoshan, Teng Peixin (SAIC-GM-WULING Auto Co., Ltd, Liuzhou 545000)

Abstract:it takes a lot of teaching time for online programmin­g when a new vehicle model is introduced to the robot welding flexible line. This paper mainly studies the applicatio­n of off- line programmin­g in the introducti­on of new vehicle into a production line, analyzes the source of deviation of equipment installati­on between real environmen­t and simulation environmen­t, and uses Roboguide simulation software to correct such deviation, so that the off- line program can be successful­ly applied to real environmen­t, and the new vehicle can be quickly introduced, to save project cycle time. Through verificati­on, the research method can effectivel­y correct the deviation, and make introducti­on accuracy of the offline program meet the requiremen­ts.

Key words: Flexible line, Roboguide, Off-line programmin­g

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